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Are you afraid of losing your China and Hong Kong customers because of speed and connectivity! Many foreign business have noticed a serious problem that their websites are very slow for China and Hong Kong visitors if their servers are hosted on their own countries. Then, how should we choose between Hong Kong and China hosting?  You may find below information useful.

As China now has the world’s fastest-growing economy, many foreign businesses have actively strengthening their online presence to reach mainland China and Hong Kong audience. No one would deny that page loading time is obviously one of the most crucial part of any website’s user experience. A fast loading website can drastically increase your conversion and help your online business thrives.  According to a study conducted about how page speed will affect your online business, it clearly states “A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions” *.  If you major customers are from mainland China or Hong Kong and you want to provide them with the best internet experience, speed matters. If your website’s page loading time is too long, you may have the severe consequence of losing your customer in the very first place that they are visiting your website. Many website visitors do not have much patience for a page that takes over 2 -3 seconds to respond.

The Advantage Of Choosing Hong Kong To Host

Hong Kong is a place where you can have the best connectivity to mainland China if you don’t want to host within China itself. For websites targeting Greater China customers,there are several reasons why you should get your online business hosted in Hong Kong.

(1) Geographical Advantage For Best Connection

First, choosing a web hosting provider based in Hong Kong will server your visitors with highest responding speed and uptime to most of the cities in mainland China while you can have everything in control if adverse events happen. It will also ensure faster access from international visitors, compared to the performance when hosted on China servers.

(2) Professional Support At Affordable Prices

Most Hong Kong based hosting companies do provide 24/7 support while this may not be the case in Mainland China. Even some companies do, you may have to pay more for the same services. So it is more cost effective for you to choose a Hong Kong based hosting company if your company is also Hong Kong based .

(3) No Need For ICP License For Faster Application Progress

If you choose to host in Hong Kong, there is no need to apply for ICP ( Internet Content Provider) License, which can help save time in the whole process. For your information, you need an ICP License if you want to get website hosted on a mainland Chinese server.

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