Proud To Be The Hong Kong Biggest Drupal Team.

No one know more about the need of Drupal hosting than a Drupaler does.

-1 Click Drupal Install

-Painless Drupal Transfer

-Complete Drupal Optimized Environment


All The Drupal Hosting Features You Don’t Want To Miss Out

(1)Drupalers’ Experience

Professional Drupal development experience. You are in partnership with Hong Kong biggest Drupal team

(2)Drupal Technical Support

Knowledgeable Drupal support specialists can answer all your Drupal related questions

Drupal knowledge resources are available.

(3)Drupal Compatibility

All Drupal-friendly features included.

Drupal optimized servers.

(4)Reliability & Stability

99.9 % uptime and fast page loading speed

(5)Easy Drupal Launch

Transfer existing account for free and 1 Click Drupal Installation

(6)Enhanced Security

PHP runs as suPHP for the increased Drupal hosting security.


Our Plan


What is Drupal and why is it popular?

(1) The large and constantly evolving community features Drupal. There are over 1 million active users and developers working together every single day. These experts are constantly updating to support the most recent developments in web technologies. Drupal – Where collaboration and mutual support thrive

(2) Drupal is an open-source CMS software which means it is completely free. Drupal is getting better every day and you can use it without any cost.

(3) Drupal has high multi-functionality. No matter you are a personal blogger or running a large e-commerce website that requires robust backend system to support, Drupal allows you publish, manage and organize your contents with ease.

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