Are you considering using CDN to take your international website’s performance to another level?                                             Get In Touch

If you are very serious about taking your website performance to another level for multi-region clients and you have nearly optimized all on page factors, then it’s time to think about a CDN service. Be aware of your website, they matter a lot! Many research has proven even one second delay will cause up to 7% loss in customer conversion.

If you are hosting your website only in a particular place such as in Hong Kong, but your website is an international one where there are many visitors coming from different places around the world. They may not have the fast browsing experience as you do. If your international visitors are demanding shorter page load time, maybe CDN service is the solution that you are looking for.

With a CDN service, your website visitor can immediately notify the increase in page loading speed and thus ensure they can have more desirable web browsing experience.


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