We believe a great hosting is far more than just providing hardware and network connection. That is why we strive for high performance hosting service by choosing only the best-performing hardware, Solid State Drive (SSD). Speed is a crucial part of hosting performance. Revealed by many researches, SSD is able to make the page load times 10 times more faster.

All our VPS hosting plans with equipped with SSD. If you are using our Shared hosting services and want to take your website performance to another level. Get In Touch

What You Get From Our SSD Plan

(1) Its All About Speed:
For any website that needs to handle a lot database input and output (I/O), SSD may be a good option for increased speed. For example, if you are running forums, e-commerce shop that are with dynamic content management system, there are always peak traffic time with surging concurrent I/O requests. SSD can handle this situation much better.

(2)Protection of Data:
SSD uses non-volatile memory to store information. This means the data won’t be lost even when power is disconnected. Any data not yet been written properly will be stored in cache until the server is back to functioning.

(3)Higher Durability:
SSD are a close cousin to HDD, but with a better mechanical design. Unlike traditional HDDs which consist of various fast moving parts, SSD is much less vulnerable to shock and damage.

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